Bald Eagle Home Inspections is here to preform all of your Home Inspection needs!

As a Home Inspector, I use the same diligence as when I was a Quality Assurance Inspector on Coast Guard Aircraft.  My 20 years of military experiences all equate to attention to detail.  You want those qualities from your home inspector, whether its me or one of the other preferred professional inspectors.  I will perform a non-invasive, visual examination of the property, and identify defects within the house systems deemed material. I abide by the InterNACHI® Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

There are a number of important reasons to have a home inspections, here are 10:

Gated community houses in South Florida

1.Your biggest investment.- Americans often invest equity in their homes instead of of a savings account. If you buy a home that needs tons of repairs, your may end up in the red.

2. Radon: Radon gas can cause health problems when it raises from the ground and can seep into a house. Home inspectors can perform radon testing when there is a concern.

3. Mold: We all know that mold is smelly and can call some serious health problems! A home inspection can often catch a water leak in areas that aren’t even visible to the eye.

4. Termites: I won’t spend a lot of time here because I think we all know how destructive termites can be to a home. There are other Wood Destroying Organisms that can also damage a home. evidence of which is generally found during a home inspection.

5. Septic System: Not all homes have a septic system any more, but a bad one could cost up to $20,000 to replace. Think about adding $20,000 to your home’s purchase price! A certified inspector can catch warning signs of a bad system!

6.Lead paint: If a home was built before 1978, it may contain Lead paint. If the Paint has no peeling or flaking, generally, there isn’t an issue. But if the paint is peeling or chipped and a child or pet eats it, the cost to their health might be high.  So it is best to test the paint and have it repaired to ensure the protection of your family.

7.Fireplaces:  Actually, a fireplace offers an unexpected fire hazard in the form of creosote. It is a black film that builds up inside the fireplace after many years of use and if it is too thick, it could be a potential fire risk.

8. Roof:  The roof of a home will cost thousands of dollars to replace and generally has a expected life of 25-30 years depending on a number of factors and correct installation. That doesn’t mean a brand new roof won’t have defects! Don’t spend a fortune on the house and then have to replace the roof too!

9. The objectivity factor: Unlike the buyers and sellers, I offer an objectivity to my inspection. I don’t view the home with years of memories or with the excitement of the many years of memories to come. I am not distracted by the marble counter-tops or the pretty paint color. I am here to look at the bones of the home and make sure that the if the home has any problems, those are brought out for discussion.

10. The professional factor: If you’re a doctor, for example, you know a home inspector can’t sit down and do your job. It’s the same with certified home inspectors; they receive top notch home inspection training, which makes them pros in their field.

*source: Allied Home Inspection School